War Child and Batman



Batman and War Child

International music agency MassiveMusic has teamed up with War Child, In Case of Fire, Sony and Universal to create a timely and powerful new film that highlights the plight of young refugees.

A young refugee boy strikes up an unlikely friendship with Batman in this charming film that also packs a pertinent punch. Set to Queen’s feel-good track, ‘You’re My Best Friend’, it follows the inseparable duo as they transform the refugee camp into their playground - playing football, arm-wrestling, and hide-and-seek. The heart-warming mood takes a surprising twist as the masked crusader is revealed to have been the boy’s father all along, and a result of the fantasy world constructed by the child as a coping mechanism to escape the grim reality of his life.


Agency: MassiveMusic

Client: War Child


Video name: War Child and Batman
website: YouTube
Channel name: AdTV
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song name: You're My Best Friend
Artist: Queen